At times pregnancy is considered to be as an ailment but in fact it is not. One should remain active and must live a normal routine life. It keeps the; to be mother relaxed and comfortable which in return is good for the baby in every manner. No doubt one should be careful about certain things mentioned by the doctors however, to be moms should enjoy the feeling of having another life being nourished in their bodies.

Let us talk about best cardio Exercises during pregnancy that women can do in order to keep them fresh, healthy and active to deliver a happy and healthy baby after nine months.

Aerobics And Dance Routines During Pregnancy:

Experienced athletes who are in good shape can continue their aerobic and dance routine during pregnancy. But you need to ensure that you never exert yourself to an exhaustion point as it can drop the level of oxygen in your body. It deprives the baby of the oxygen which is dangerous indeed. In case you are a beginner, you may go for the water version or select the aerobics with low impact. It specifically is meant for the pregnant ladies. Follow the link to see how much will be too much workout during pregnancy.

Swimming During Pregnancy:       

When you are in water, your weight is only tenth of what you actually weigh on land. It makes the water workouts to be perfect for the pregnant women. It boosts your flexibility and strength. At the same time it is gentle on your joints. Water workouts ease the swelling during pregnancy in feet and legs. Most of the gyms have water aerobics pools and some of these are specially designed for the expecting women.

All you need to do is to be careful while walking on the slippery pool side. Avoid deep water and never dive.


20 minutes of walk will be more than enough in a day. You may listen to your favorite music during this time. You may try following the underlined steps in this regards:

  • Five minutes brisk walk in the beginning will be perfect. But make sure that you are not exerting yourself
  • Then gradually slow down and walk for next five minutes at a slower pace
  • Repeat step 1 for five minutes more
  • Repeat step 2 for the last five minutes
  • To end this walk session, you may perform stretching exercise for five minutes

Climb Steps:   

Climbing the steps is yet another simple and impactful exercise. It can be practiced during pregnancy with no issues at all. You can do it while you go to the office or when you come back to home in the evening. You need to make sure that you follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Moderate pace should be adopted while climbing the stairs
  • Decide how many steps you will be climbing on daily basis and then dedicate the time accordingly
  • In case you are comfortable with climbing steps then you may gradually add to the number
  • Put on comfortable shoes
  • When you are climbing avoid talking on your mobile phone

You can use a machine for that at your home. Some people find it convincing to do exercise at home while pregnant. That way you are in a secure and comfortable place where you are near to someone close. For that purpose, I would suggest “Maxi Climber Vertical“, It is very safe and compact machine that can be used in cardio training during pregnancy at home. Maxi Climber gives a great cardio and strength training workout without putting stress on the lower joints, By using body weight as resistance.

Exercise Machines During Pregnancy:

Treadmills, rowing machines and stair climbers are fine during the pregnancy. This is equally good for the beginners too. You need to adjust the inclination, speed, and tension to a level where you feel comfortable.

However during the third semester it is suggested to avoid jumping as well as fast running. Therefore, you should focus on walks, stretching, and water workouts during the pregnancy. Moreover, when you no more can see your feet, you need to be extra vigilant in order to avoid stumbles and falls.

Kickboxing During Pregnancy:

Kickboxing includes a great deal of speed and grace. Both of these are the things that pregnant women usually do not have. In case, you are an experienced one and feel comfortable in kicking then you can continue with it even when you are pregnant. It is highly suggested to look for the pregnancy classes in this regards. Never ever overdo it.  It is not at all suggested for the beginners.

Jogging During Pregnancy:

Once again, it would be said that experienced runners can stay on their normal routine track of jogging during pregnancy. But even the experienced ones will have to limit their distances, stick them to terrain level, or using treadmill is suggested.

While you are running, you should always be capable of having a conversation. If you see that you cannot do it, then you need to slow down the pace. Always remember that loosening joints and ligaments during pregnancy can turn the running harder on the knees. It is also prone to injuries. So these are some of the reasons not to overdo it any manner.

Treadmill During Pregnancy:

It is always better to have a treadmill at home if you can afford it. Browse online and you will find perfect treadmills meeting your requirements. One such name is Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill. It is a value buy for the runners. It offers 30 programs options including:

  • Manual workout
  • 10 step goals workouts
  • 10 distance based workouts
  • 3 interval workouts
  • 6 calorie goal workouts etc

It has the pulse grip heart rate monitoring feature which will not let you overdo it. Treadmill has been equipped with a quite operation with its CHP motor. It can carry a total weight of 300 pounds. You will have a life time warranty on its frame as well as its motor, while a couple of years warranty for the parts and 1 year for the labor.

No doubt these treadmills are readily available for the pregnant women in gym but if you can afford to have one, go for it. Or otherwise you can always hit the gym to get on one.

It should be realized that most of the diseases these days are because of lack of exercise. Pregnancy is a crucial period in every woman’s life and hence she should avoid the diseases by exercising as mentioned above. Once again it is stressed upon that these should be done carefully to get maximum benefits out of it.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, I would say that exercising is a simple way of getting your pregnancy in a smoother manner. At the same time, it prepares you for your delivery. It is hopeful that these cardio workouts will prove to be helpful for you.

If you have never been working out and now you are pregnant, then it is suggested that you should begin at a slower pace. Nevertheless, make a simple and regular routine of simple workouts to have a healthy and happy baby.

Good luck with your pregnancy.