So finally you are at gym and all prepared to do your cardio. Do not do what you have always been doing. Try something new now. It is actually time for change.

In this piece of writing we will be talking about 5 best cardio exercises in gym in order to enjoy healthy life style and weight loss. All these equipment that we will be mentioning one after the other, are meant for certain activity.

However, before all this it is highly suggested that you should consult your doctor before getting in to a new routine. It becomes must when you have certain medical issues, if you are taking some kind of medicine, or if you are pregnant.

With the arsenal of all these workout machines at your fingertips, you will always have something to do even if all the treadmills are occupied at the gym. All you need to do is to select your machine and just start moving.


You should do elliptical for 20 minutes. It is one of the high intensity interval training. This means that you will have alternate periods of hardcore workouts paired with lighter intensity work. The payoff is higher calorie burn in lesser time period. You will be getting value of an hour’s workout in 20 minutes.

How to use elliptical?      

Warm yourself up for 3 minutes. Start with the following intervals and gradually make them longer followed by the shorter intervals. Work at 10 point scale for your recovery by cutting the pace at 5 to 7.

  • 15 second interval, 15 seconds of recovery and repeat it once
  • 30 seconds interval, 30 seconds recovery and repeat once
  • 45 seconds interval, 45 seconds recovery and do not repeat
  • 1 minute interval, 1 minute recovery and repeat it thrice
  • 45 seconds interval, 45 seconds recovery and do not repeat
  • 30 seconds interval, 30 seconds recovery and repeat once
  • 15 seconds interval, 15 seconds recovery and repeat once

Afterwards cool yourself down for at least 3 minutes. You can easily find high quality and reasonably priced treadmills online. One such elliptical machine is named as Bionic Body Compact under desk Elliptical stepper with Magnetic Resistance Tubes NS-1009.

It offers the following benefits to the users:

  • It strengthens and tones the upper as well as lower parts of the body
  • Bionic Body Compact Under Desk Elliptical Stepper has a portable and compact design so you can carry it with you anywhere you go
  • This machine enabled you to keep the track of your exercise goals with the help of the electronic fitness monitor
  • It has a user safe and resilient construction with pedals that do not slip
  • It has been well equipped with heavy resistance bands


Treadmill should be used for half an hour. It will challenge you with intervals and hence you will be getting constant changes in the incline, intensity, and speed. Treadmill facilitates you in getting better shape, and let you work harder. It completely depends on you if you want to walk or run.

Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill Motorized Power Treadmill is a good choice in this regards. So if you are gym owner reading this writing it is highly suggested to get this one for your gym.

It Has The Following Salient Features:

  • Its frame is made up of steel that is high in quality. It has sofa rubber, with adjustable as well as shock absorbent side mats offering sturdy and comfortable workout experience
  • Goplus 1000W Folding Electric Treadmill  can easily be folded
  • It has been adorned with an emergency stop button which protects you while working out as well
  • It has LED display that offers multiple functions to the users

Stationary Bike:

You are supposed to use this machine for at least an hour. It will facilitate you in building the endurance with a longer lasting however lower intensity workout. Its downside is the fact that the slow and longer workouts can actually drag.

Marcy Upright Bike is what one such stationary bikes that can be used in gym.

Following Are The Salient Features Of The Stationary Bike:

  • This bike has been equipped with a premium features being made up of steel tubing, with finished powder coating
  • Marcy Upright Bike offers functionality and durability at its best
  • It has been developed for the people from all levels of workouts
  • The multi-functional console serves to be as an odometer, and shows speed, time, distance and burnt calories
  • In order to accommodate the different body sizes, seat of the bike can be adjusted
  • Maximal foot support is offered with the help of counter balanced pedals


It depends on you that how long you want to do this kind of workout. This rowing machine will be giving you a workout of low impact which has been designed particularly for those who have issues with their joints. It is a full body workout and hence even a 160 pound person can burn around 250 calories in half an hour.

Sunny Health & Fitness dual function rowing machine is a good choice indeed.

It Has Been Equipped With The Following Features For The Users:

  • It has been adorned with a system comprising of 8 levels of adjustable resistance
  • You can enjoy dual function workout with the help foot plates
  • Sunny Health & Fitness dual function rowing machine has non slip grip and fully padded seat
  • You can see the time, calories, count, and scan displayed on digital computer

Stair Climber:

Stair climber is yet another machine to be used while hitting the gym. Rest your hands on the bars in order to maintain the balance. Keep your body upright with a slight lean in forward direction.

Goldenfox Folding Cardio vertical climber is one of the useful products for the gym users.


It Has Been Equipped With The Following Features:

  • It has been made up of steel alloy material set up machines, with sturdy and durable sleek metal along with the anti-rust paint.
  • Vertical climber has been equipped with an ergonomically design, using the same muscles that are used while climbing the rock involving the whole body from head to toe.
  • It has stable construction with rubber non slip pads along with the climber handles surrounding thick sponge mats giving a full  body workout imitating the natural movements of the body causing intense workout
  • The machine is perfect for gym as well as home


So these above mentioned are considered to be 5 best cardio exercises in gym. You also need to give each of them a try in case you are serious about your healthy life style. You could also perform cardio exercises at home if you can’t go to gym. It always takes some efforts to live a healthy life and hence going to gym is worth it in every possible manner.