To be a mom is one of the most important events in any woman’s life. It is usually said that a woman is not complete until and unless she becomes a mom. Feeling of nourishing another life inside your body, and then bringing that life to this world is altogether a different experience that is ultimate. It is priceless and nothing can match it in any manner.

Most of the times women are suggested to live a normal life even during pregnancy however but with an enhanced care for them. For instance, it is suggested that women should be more vigilant towards their eating and sleeping habits. Also they should walk and take light exercises to ensure that they are active enough to carry out day to day activities.

Once again it is worth stating here that exercise that are done during normal days and exercises during pregnancy are different. So you need to have a look at the ones that have been announced to be harmless during pregnancy. Same is the case after the birth has been given. Not all the exercises are meant for the new mothers.

No doubt you want to be back to your shape in no time however, this is not possible. It will take some time. If you want to enjoy healthy shape back then you will have to work in a careful manner so that you enjoy the shape of your body before the pregnancy.

So how about performing cardio exercise? No doubt these workout sessions have been announced to be perfect when it is about losing weight. But then again, things are different for the expecting lady and then a newly mother.

C sections are very difficult to be taken care of as there is lack of resources related to post surgery. Most of the times; women undergone c section are told not to drive, lift anything and no exercise for at least first 6 weeks.

What is a C section?

The term is a short for Caesarean section. These section deliveries can be planned as well as unplanned. During the c section the doctor makes incision in to the skin of the women, through the connective tissues and fat cells and into the abdominal cavity.

Abdominal muscles are spread apart; bladder is pushed down in order to access the uterus. Another incision is made to the uterus and baby is accessed. Afterwards, in a short while, placenta is taken out as well.

Uterus is then stitched while the bladder is placed back in to its original spot, then the connective tissues and skin is stitched according to varying degrees.        

Let us see if cardio exercises have been meant for after C Section or not.

Walk Around The Neighborhood:

Nothing can be safer as compared to the walking. Also it is considered to be one of the effective forms of exercise. It will not only serve the purpose of a getting yourself involved in a light activity but also it will gradually help you to get back to your exercising after the surgery. When you will walk you will be getting fresh air and an excuse to get outside the house but it would be one of the challenges during first weeks of the birth. Walking is also suggested during pregnancy to keep the to be moms active.

Try Swimming:

It has been agreed upon that usually the activities that take place in the water are known to offer low impact. So you should try accessing a local pool and get yourself involved in five to ten gentle laps. You can also get yourself enrolled in class of water aerobics. It will facilitate you in getting a balanced, gentle, and low risk cardio workout session.

When you will swim, you need to make use of the gentle back, crawl, or even breast strokes. It is suggested not to make use of the high intensity or difficult activity, for instance the butterfly stroke.

Gentle cycling:  

Cycling gently can serve to be perfect only when you are not riding bicycle on a bumpy road. It is one of the great ways of getting yourself involved in to this low intensity exercise. Cycling is something that you can do anywhere either in gym or at home. Moreover, you can add a baby carrier to carry the baby along with you for the ride.

Restrict yourself to ride the cycle on the gentle hills and flat areas. In case your incision has not healed properly then it is dangerous and risky to go over the bumps and uphill. You are supposed to avoid as much issues as possible. The purpose behind all this activity is to bring a healthy change in your life. Little carelessness can cause negative impact on you.                   

Go For The Elliptical Machines:

At times, women claim that running is not possible for women to run after c section. In this regards it is feasible to make use of the elliptical machine. These machines are known to offer low impact alternative. When you will be using an elliptical then you should proceed with a moderate pace. Use the level of resistance that is comfortable for you. You should not over exert yourself, as it can be dangerous for your incision.

Most of the times, these machines are found in the homes as well. In case you have not bought one already then this is the time when you can buy it. Browse online and you will come across a number of this equipment and you will have to decide which one to buy. One such reliable names is Exerpeutic 1000XL heavy duty magnetic elliptical.

It Has The Following Salient Features To Be Presented To The Users:

  • It has been designed to offer a natural elliptical motion eliminating the bouncy movements
  • This Elliptical Machine has 8 level magnetic tension resistance providing the users with a challenging workout
  • It has been equipped with a large LCD display providing the burnt calories, distance covered, time, scan, speed and target the heart rate
  • Heart rate monitoring is done with the help of pulse pads that are there on the handle bars

Work To Strenuous Activities:

Once you are back to normal routine where you have been working out without any issue for long time, then you can pace up with your cardio routine. Reintroduce yourself with the exercises that are not easy to be start with and that are the high impact exercises enhance the intensity of the exercises as comfortable and quickly as possible. In case the exercise starts hurting you then you should decrease the intensity there and then.