To exercise at home is not a bad option. Its not only offers a convenient way to workout but saves money as well as time. The only issue is how to create and develop effective home cardio workouts when you have restricted space and equipment.

However, you need to be creative if you want to have the best results from exercising at home. To be specific, there is a range of accessible and effective cardio exercises that can be done easily at home. These will facilitate you in getting the perfect shape, lose weight, and burn the calories.

Underlined is a list of cardio exercises that can be done at home anywhere and anytime:

Jumping Jacks: 

You should jump with wide feet and at the same time circle the arms overhead and then repeat.

Why Should It Be Done?

The above-mentioned act burns almost 100 calories in just 10 minutes. No specific skills or equipment is needed.


You need to have a strong pair of shoes, a sturdy floor, and a conditioned heart.


This exercise is of high impact and may tax the joints. It might remind you of your school gym classes traumas.

Jump Rope:

Turn the rope with the handles in a repetitive manner.

Why Jumping The Rope Is Needed?

It is a great cardio exercise that burns almost 220 calories in just 20 minutes. Jumping ropes are cheap in price and perfect during traveling. This exercise does not require any special skill and can be done anywhere.

What Is Required For Jumping Rope?

A pair of shoes, a jumping rope, practice, and patience and that is it.


It is high impact cardio and needs to have practice. It appears to be easy however the beginners may have all the grace of pigeon and may trip often. In order to get the best results, it is suggested to turn the rope not with the arms but with your wrists and land on the ground in a soft manner. The height of your jump should be enough to ensure the rope clearance


You can jump on one foot, cross the feet, on alternate feet, jump with high knees, or even double turn the rope

Jogging In A Place:

It is really simple, gets the heartbeat rate escalated, and is the perfect way of getting warm up for intensive exercise.                     


What is needed is a pair of shoes and a strong floor


It is again a high impact exercise, and may tax the joints. Jogging on the stationary bike cannot always be exciting. It is because there is no forward motion. It is not as intense as it is when one is jogging outside.


Press your arms over the head, butt kicks, high knees, and wide knees.


It is about squatting to the floor, jumping back and standing up, jumping the feet into a plank position.

Why Should It Be Done?

It is one of the killer cardio exercises which burns almost 100 or more calories in a matter of 10 minutes only.


You need to have a pair of shoes, an iron will and experience with high impact exercise


It is really hard really very hard to be done so need to be careful while doing it.


Instead of jumping step the feet back, add a push up, jump up at the end, or you may use equipment i.e. gliding discs, kettle bell, medicine ball etc.

Mountain Climbers:

It is like moving from push up position to running the knees in and then out.

Why should It Be Done?

It raises the heart rate when trying to build the strength and endurance. There are no special skills required for this cardio.

Requirements Of Mountain Climbers:

Floor and strong wrists


Jump alternatively with each foot backward and forward. Use the gliding discs, towels or paper plates. These can be combined for the best results with the other kinds of exercises as well. These include the planks, push ups, or burpees.

Squat Jumps:

Be in a squat position and then jump as high as possible and then land back to the squat


This is a plyometric exercise that escalates the heart rate, increases leg strength, and at the same time burns the calories. There are no other special skills required to perform this exercise.


Pair of shoes, happy knees, a floor, and experience with high impact exercise


Strong heart and strong joints are needed for this high impact exercise. With any such plyo exercise it is highly suggested to you to land softly on the ground to protect the joints.


Froggy jumps, prisoner squat jumps, on the BOSU

Bear Crawls:

Squat to the floor, walk your hands to push up, walk with hands back and stand up like a bear


It escalates the heart rate while building the strength as well as endurance

The Requirement Of Bear Crawls:

Love of bears, a floor, and experience with high-intensity exercise


The move is greater than what it appears to be and the intensity is accumulated quickly


Push Up on the knees, no push ups, keeping the knees down while crawling in and out

These above mentioned are some of the cardio workouts at home that can be effective for people in every possible manner.