I know from a personal point of view that a seasonal change makes me feel all lazy and sick, and normal medications don’t seem to cut it. An immune system that is not working to its optimum is usually the cause of this, and you should take measures to help try and regain your immune system’s stability.

So, what can you take or add to your diet to help supercharge your immune system? There are of course many natural approaches to kick a seasonal flu, such as these examples below.


Many people who use garlic on a regular basis believe it is an excellent natural antibiotic. It is very easy to add to your diet. Garlic possesses antibacterial and anti fungal properties, which is helpful in bringing your immune system back to health. Raw garlic is what you should aim to use, and there are numerous ways to eat raw garlic. Just do a search online.


Probiotics are often brought up as a way to improve your immune system’s health, but they don’t work for everyone. It is thought that most of the health issues in your body are down to digestive imbalances which are principally caused due to harmful bacteria that live in your gut, and it is possible to reduce this harmful bacteria by taking probiotics. The probiotics act as a natural healthy way to gradually help your immune system. It will take many months of constant use before you will notice a difference. There are many different brands of probiotic drinks for sale in the supermarket that you can try.


This is one you have probably not heard of before. I am sure you are wondering how on earth using cannabis can help your immune system? Well, certain strains of cannabis  contain a cannabinoid called cannabidiol (CBD), and it is thought that CBD is able to slow down the progression of autoimmune diseases.

It is able to do this by taking over the function of naturally produced cannabinoids that are manufactured by the body. It produces an effect on the endocannabinoid system that is thought to play a key role in regulating and managing your immune system.

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For more information on the advantages of using cannabis for your immune system, we would recommend you check out https://cannabis.net/blog/medical/benefits-of-cannabis-for-the-immune-system.